About us

Robiq was established in 1988 and has recently started manufacturing a range of products for the security and outdoor market.
Presently we sell a range of tactical products including MOLLE vests and pouches,  dog harnesses, dog leashes and belts.

Our MOLLE system is manufactured from 600 x 600 D fabric, designed for comfort and endurance and made to last. We have a variety of pouches and attachments but welcome the opportunity to design specific equipment as required by the individual company. We are a hands-on company aiming to please and service our clients on a personal basis.

Our tactical dog harnesses are made with the dog in mind. They are comfortable, safe and designed for maximum control without using a choke chain. They are padded, lined with airtex fabric for cooling and comfort, and are made from exceptionally durable fabric and trims. Similarly the dog leashes are manufactured to the highest standards of comfort, safety and durability, and are soft on the hands of the handler.

We are a dynamic company which strives to provide excellence and service. New products are regularly introduced, so keep an eye on this website!

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